“Public service and national service have been near the center of our public lives.  We know of no one in Colorado who has exhibited the kind of commitment to the public sector and to good government more than Aaron Harber.  He has made civic engagement a major theme in all his activities, including in broadcasting, and would bring that same theme of service to our Republic as a Regent at the University of Colorado.”

— Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart and Lee Hart.


“Aaron has both a large heart and a large brain.  That is a perfect combination for navigating the future of Colorado’s most important university and the future of Colorado’s most important natural resource, its young people.  Vote for Aaron!”

— Pat Schroeder, first woman in Colorado’s history to be elected to the U.S. Congress.


“Aaron Harber would make an outstanding University of Colorado Regent.  Unlike any other candidate, he has experience with higher education governing boards, a sound interest in positive outcomes for students, expertise in deciphering large budgets to create better uses of resources, and a commitment to our community which spans five decades. Aaron would be an exceptional addition to CU’s governing Board of Regents.”

— Cindy Carlisle, CU Regent Emerita; former Council Member, City of Boulder.


“Having known Aaron Harber for many years, there is no one more qualified for CU’s Board of Regents.  He will add sound reasoning, intelligence, experience, and quality leadership to the current group of Regents.  His commitment to openness, public trust and educational values will assist the University to meet the many challenges of our communities in today’s world.  A vote for Aaron is an important vote for the future of an outstanding educational institution.”

— LaRae Orullian, former President & CEO, Women’s Bank; former Chair, Colorado Blue Cross/Blue Shield, former Chair, Frontier Airlines, National President, Girl Scouts of the USA, and major historical glass-ceiling breaker and community leader.


“I am delighted to support Aaron Harber in his candidacy for Regent of the University of Colorado.  Aaron’s experience on Boards of Higher Education, his knowledge of Colorado and the University, his communication skills, and his passion for education at all levels makes him an outstanding candidate and one I am proud to support.”

—  Richard D. Krugman, MD; Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect; former Dean of the CU School of Medicine; Chairman, the National Foundation To End Child Abuse and Neglect.


“Aaron Harber has been a great asset to the disability community in Colorado. He has helped in a big way multiple times over the years, and always as a volunteer.  His actions show that he “gets it.”  He would be an asset for disabled students, as well as all students, at every campus of the University of Colorado.”

— Julie Reiskin, LCSW, Colorado Disability Rights Leader.


“Although Aaron is uniquely well-qualified in all aspects of the office of Regent of the University of Colorado, I support his candidacy most of all for his enduring commitment to transparency. Transparency is essential to public trust not only in the Board of Regents, but also in the many Institutions for which it is charged with stewardship.  Unfortunately, openness in transacting public business is a trait sorely lacking in the current Board.  Having known and worked with Aaron for decades in our efforts to bring greater transparency and accountability to the public sector, I am confident his presence on the Board will change that.”

— Thomas Kelley, First Amendment Rights Attorney, recipient of the ABA’s Champion of the First Amendment Award and the Media Law Resource Center’s First Amendment Leadership Award.


“As a proud alum of the University of Colorado, I care about the future of this great institution and the role the CU system can play in creating opportunity for Coloradans.  Aaron Harber is a thoughtful, progressive and insightful Coloradan who knows many of the challenges facing higher education and the state we love.  He will make an outstanding Regent and I hope others join me in supporting his candidacy.”

— Alan Salazar, Democratic Strategist, Denver Mayoral Chief of Staff, former Chief of Staff for Mark Udall and former Chief Strategy Officer for Governor John Hickenlooper, Director of Hillary Clinton’s Colorado Presidential Campaign. 


“Aaron Harber has been my friend for more than three decades.  During that time, I have been impressed by his commitment to providing a valuable media platform for women and people of color.  He is a dedicated public servant who will be an excellent Regent for the University of Colorado.  I am proud to support him and his commitment to quality education for all our students.”

— Polly Baca, former Vice-Chair, Democratic National Committee; former State Senator; first Hispanic woman to ever be elected to the Colorado Senate; first woman to ever chair the House Democratic Caucus.


“I’m excited to support Aaron Harber’s run for CU Regent. He has a long history in the community and his experience will be an asset to the issues impacting CU students in the 21st Century.  I look forward to working with him to find solutions – both inside and outside the Capitol – to Higher Education’s biggest challenges.”

— Alec Garnett, Majority Leader, Colorado State House of Representatives; Former Assistant Majority Leader, Colorado State House; former Executive Director, Colorado Democratic Party; MPA, Public Administration, The University of Colorado at Denver.


“I have known and worked with Aaron for over 30 years.  He has been deeply involved in supporting our communities and helping others.  Aaron has proven himself as a person who can work in a nonpartisan way when needed, but doesn’t compromise his values.  He understands the severe challenges and extraordinary opportunities the University of Colorado has at this point in time.  His extensive experience in Democratic politics, high technology, charities & other nonprofits, and higher education (including having served in a similar position for Princeton) make him the best person we could have.  Aaron is my pick for Regent.”

— Paul Weissmann, Boulder County Treasurer, former State Representative & State Senator, former Boulder County Trustee, former CU Lecturer, CU graduate (Co-Executive of the CU Arts & Sciences Student Government, and President Pro Tem of the CU Student Union [UCSG]).


“Over many years of watching Aaron host his television show, I have been amazed how he has both “pulled no punches” and at the same time been respectful.   Aaron is the person who can help bridge the partisan gap while at the same time maintaining his values.  He would make a great Regent for the University of Colorado.”

— Bernie Buescher, former Colorado Secretary of State & former Member of the Colorado House of Representatives.


“Knowledgeable, energetic, dependable, entrepreneurial, and diligent are among the ways to describe Aaron Harber.  I have known Aaron since he first interned with me at the Department of Commerce, Office of Telecommunications, in Boulder, while he was attending Princeton University nearly fifty years ago.  Over the years, we remained colleagues and friends.  My admiration for Aaron has only increased.  He will most certainly be one of the most innovative and constructive Regents in the history of the University of Colorado.”

— James Alleman, Professor Emeritus — Network Economics, University of Colorado Boulder.


“Aaron Harber always puts Public Service first in the 30 years that I have known him.  It is critical that we have more Regents like Aaron, who would put students first rather than promote a political agenda.”

— Guy Kelley, CU Regent Emeritus.


“The University of Colorado needs Regents who are committed not only to the institution but also to the students whom it serves.  Aaron is that person.  A true servant-leader focused on the success of all of the young people in our state and at the University.  Aaron’s history shows he understands that for CU to be a preeminent university, it must be accessible to the diverse interests and populations in our state.  He is forthright, outspoken and focused on reaching consensus.  He is the type of leader we need on the Board of Regents.”

— Penfield Tate, former State Senator.    


“I first met Aaron when he approached me in 1979 to participate in a filmed documentary focusing on the history of Hispanic families in the Boulder community.  Aaron was the driving force in this project, serving as the writer and director of the project, as well as the agent for obtaining the enthusiastic and appreciative involvement of the Hispanic families who ultimately were interviewed.  The documentary was entitled ‘Los Inmigrantes’ which was appropriate since these families and their ancestors were among the first to settle in Boulder County.  What impressed me about Aaron is that he made all of us involved in the project– Hispanic academicians from CU Boulder as well as the broader Hispanic community in Boulder County equal partners and colleagues in this endeavor.  The result was a documentary that not only was relevant to and educational for the Boulder community, but to Hispanic communities throughout Colorado.  We visited multiple cities and towns throughout the State, showed the documentary, then had discussions afterward. Aaron had a way of making the attendees feel he was a part of them, a part of their culture. And, perhaps even more importantly, he listened.  We need a Regent who listens to the people, who cares. Aaron Harber is such a person.”

— Albert Ramirez, former Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs; Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado, Boulder.


“Aaron Harber is a thoughtful, well- respected voice in our community. As a public relations professional for more than 25 years, I’ve always appreciated his support of transparency in government and the civil discourse he has facilitated through his work as a radio and TV journalist. His communication skills and integrity will serve him well as a CU Regent.”

— Lisa Cutter, Colorado State Representative, House District 25.


“Aaron is someone who has been helping people in our communities for long. He also has the expertise, knowledge, academic background and integrity to be an excellent CU Regent and I am happy to endorse him in this endeavour.”

— Zee Ferrufino, President and CEO, Latino Communications Corporation.


“I have known Aaron Harber since our days at Fairview High School.  I have long admired his civic commitment and enjoyed his political insights and personality as well as his sense of humor. I am thrilled that he is running for the position of CU Regent and know that he will serve the People of Colorado extraordinarily well in that important position.”

— Stan Garnett, former Boulder District. Attorney.


“The breadth of Aaron Harber’s television program —government, politics, economics, law, media, education, science, climate, medicine, health, women’s issues, arts, and religion — from international, national, and state perspectives, and the extraordinary depth of his interviews and analyses, recommend Aaron as the most qualified candidate to serve on CU’s Board of Regents. Our University, with its worldwide reputation and leadership in many of these areas and its potential in others, requires the knowledge, influence, relationships, and passion Aaron Harber can bring to its deliberations and decisions.”

— Edie Stevens, former Boulder County Democratic Party Chair; J.D., University of Colorado.


“I’ve known Aaron since the early ’90s.  All during that time, he has been involved in serving his community — all of his community, especially people with disabilities.  When he was developing his concept for a truly sustainable community with affordable housing two decades ago, he called on me to get my perspective on what an all-inclusive community would look like from the point of accessibility.  And I’ll never forget that he was so gracious as to moderate a special gubernatorial debate between Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez at the University of Denver which he made sure included a focus on disability rights. I totally support Aaron’s quest to be on the CU Board of Regents!” 

— Joe Beaver, Colorado & National Disability Activist.


“I have known Aaron for many years and have appeared on his programs several times. Aaron will be a fantastic CU Regent because he is extremely bright and hardworking as well as being constitutionally committed to the pursuit of the truth and furthering the public interest.  Aaron’s deep knowledge of policy and the process of governmental decision-making will greatly benefit the Board of Regents and the broader CU community as they confront the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

— Steve Zansberg, First Amendment attorney.


“I have appeared on Aaron’s programs on several occasions.  He is always well versed and well prepared.  The subjects his programs have covered are so wide ranging and important to the people of this state that one might consider him almost a polymath.  It is inconceivable to me that he would not be a fine Regent.”

— Phil Doe, Environmental Activist, Be The Change.


“I support Aaron Harber for CU Regent because I have known him for more than thirty years and his wisdom and insights consistently add value in every setting and on almost any topic. He’s a quick study and a passionate advocate with the unparalleled personal experience and insight necessary to contribute immediately as a CU Regent. As an attorney and regional planner, I witnessed firsthand Aaron’s instantaneous grasp of the principles of New Urbanism and their relation to environmental sustainability, economic resiliency, affordability, and social justice issues – fields of study in which CU has developed multi-disciplinary institutional expertise.  Aaron will be a strong advocate for the enhancement and expansion of these critical areas of study and their implementation on all four CU campuses.”

— Ed Byrne, Regional Planning Services Attorney; former Assistant City Attorney for City of Boulder); former Director of Operations/General Counsel, Colorado Ski Country USA; former candidate for Boulder County Commissioner and Boulder City Council; Member (emeritus), Boulder Daily Camera Editorial Advisory Board.


“I am an enthusiastic supporter of Aaron’s candidacy for CU Regent for these reasons.  He brings to the table the perspective of a parent of a current student of CU; he has prior higher education governance experience; and he has ability to thread the needle — seeing paths forward in addressing the complexities of the CU system that has statewide reach and economic impact.  Most importantly, he has the singular ability to do this in a credible and inclusive fashion.  In the many decades I have known Aaron, he has stood for democracy, transparency and progress — just what we need now and into the next decade where higher education must play a vital role in economic and environmental sustainability in our state and beyond.”

— Benita Duran, Commissioner, Colorado Economic Development Commission; Board Member, Boulder Community Health; former Trustee and Board Chair, Community Foundation Boulder County; Community Development Consultant, 25-year resident of Boulder and proud CU graduate.


“Aaron’s entire career has been dedicated to the high-level pursuit of knowledge, through his work as a journalist, commentator, debate moderator and interviewer.  What better qualification for the Board of Regents of our flagship institution of higher learning?  Aaron is smart, diligent, and dedicated to his community.  He’ll ask the tough questions of CU leadership, his colleagues, legislators and others.  As a CU grad, I’m pleased to support someone with his unparalleled combination of experience, ability and integrity.”

— Jim Carpenter, Co-Founder, Freestone Strategies; former Chief of Staff, Governor Bill Ritter; former Campaign Manager, Ken Salazar for U.S. Senate; former Director of Communications, Press Secretary, and Chief of Staff for Governor Roy Romer.


“I met Aaron in the early 1980s and was immediately attracted to his intellect.  As time went by, my entire family became friends with Aaron and we quickly ascertained that loyalty is his strongest suit. His career exemplifies loyalty not only to his friends but to the issues of the day and, most importantly, to a strong set of personal values. Given the current state of education there can be no greater need for a University Regent than a fierce loyalty to a strong set of values.”

— Tom Hoog, former President & CEO, Hill and Knowlton/USA; former Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Gary Hart; Member of the Advisory Board of the Smithsonian Institution’s Air and Space Museum and the Vietnam War Memorial.


“Excellent listener, always does his homework, a superb communicator, insists on looking at all sides of an issue.  Sets realistic goals, envisions-plans for growth, expansion, community.  Includes, welcomes, embraces all beings that bring kindness, heart, humor and caring into the world.  Honored to call him my friend.”

— Charles Weidman, President & CTO, Buddha Logic.


“I have known Aaron for many years, and I am proud to say that we are both alums of Princeton University. Our alma mater, where Aaron successfully served the interests of a diverse community in numerous leadership capacities, has a longstanding commitment to service, reflected in the motto “Princeton in the nation’s service and the service of humanity”  Aaron’s commitment to public service, critical journalism, community education, and meaningful engagement, exemplifies the extraordinary contributions needed at all levels of our society. Our State is in urgent need of leaders in Higher Education who have a commitment to eliminating the Colorado Paradox and increasing, equity, access and degree completion for ALL students. Sadly, our State also has one of the largest degree attainment gaps between white and black and brown students in the nation. Aaron would bring to the Board of Regents a profound intellect, thoughtfulness, business acumen, and a deep understanding of the role of our State’s flagship Higher Education institution in shaping our economic and social futures. Aaron is the kind of communicator and bridge builder that will be a great asset to the CU Board of Regents.”

— Dr. Sharon Bailey, Senior Advisor of Equity Initiatives, Denver Public Schools; former elected Member, Denver Board of Education; Masters & Doctorate Degrees from CU; Member, CU president Hank Brown’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity; former Student Counselor, University of Colorado Denver.


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Aaron over the last 30 years. Few have been as committed to public service and the encouragement of participation in democracy. Aaron would be a fabulous Regent.”

— Mike Stratton, prior Member, Colorado State University Board of Governors; Democratic Activist; leaders represented include Bill & Hillary Clinton, Gary Hart, Michael Dukakis, Bob Kerrey, Christopher Dodd, Floyd Haskell, Roy Romer, Ron Brown, Federico Peña, Wellington Webb, Bill Richardson and Mark Udall.



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