Aaron Harber
University of Colorado Regent


Aaron Harber to Run for University of Colorado Board of Regent

Representing Congressional District 2

Lafayette, CO — “Our statewide University system clearly needs bold leadership to address issues such as exploding student loan debt, lack of transparency in decision-making, and a bloated administrative bureaucracy,” said Harber announcing his candidacy for the position of CU Regent.

Harber cited his experience serving on the governing Board of Trustees at Princeton University as well as his media acumen hosting The Aaron Harber Show, a non-partisan public affairs program promoting civil and mutually-respectful discourse as singular assets he will bring to the Regents.

“I already am intimately familiar with the problems which exist and solutions available to us to make CU an even greater institution than it is today as well as how to best make the case for CU and all our institutions of Higher Education in Colorado.”

In addition, Harber pointed to a need to have data-driven analyses of the value of degrees by field and to provide that information to applicants, students, and parents. He proposed using that data to help create higher values for college degrees, and particularly emphasized the significant need to create greater diversity by providing vastly improved outreach efforts and greater financial support for students.

“Thanks to my daughter, who currently attends CU Boulder, I have gained additional ‘on the ground’ insight and yet another invaluable perspective — that of a parent — and am seeing firsthand the considerable need for innovative and intrepid leadership.”

Harber emphasized, “As a current CU parent trying to pay the bills like many other families, my priority always will be to find efficiency and create value for every degree from the University.”

“CU is a great university but it can be much better. It immediately needs expert, experienced leadership to direct this $4.8 billion annual enterprise with almost 70,000 students and over 37,000 employees on four campuses across our State. My goals include de-politicizing and unifying the Board while also being the most effective advocate for CU and other colleges and universities in Colorado.”

Harber has two opponents in the Democratic primary, both of whom are employees of the University. Most boards in the private or public sector seek outside directors who are strictly independent and do not have substantial financial interests in their employer or other conflicts of interest.







Expert, experienced, and caring leadership to immediately address the challenges of Higher Education in Colorado and our nation.


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As a former member of Princeton University’s governing Board of Trustees and as an alumnus of Harvard and Princeton, I have seen what the nation’s top educational institutions can achieve and how they do it. These experiences have convinced me the University of Colorado — an already impressive national university — can be even greater than it is today, if it is led by the right personREAD MORE

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Aaron Harber would make an outstanding University of Colorado Regent. Unlike any other candidate, he has experience with higher education governing boards, a sound interest in positive outcomes for students, expertise in deciphering large budgets to create better uses of resources, and a commitment to our community which spans five decades. Aaron would be an exceptional addition to CU’s governing Board of Regents. ”

Cindy Carlisle, CU Regent Emerita; Council Member, City of Boulder

Bold leadership to help students & families! “Chip” in now!

The candidate with the expertise, experience, and caring needed to best serve a system with 67,386 students, 8,414 faculty members, 37,000 employees, and 475,000 alumni, with an annual budget of $4.8 billion.”

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