Aaron Harber in the Media

The following is a collection of articles written by Aaron, as well as radio and television interviews with him, concerning higher education.

University and College President Interviews

Rick Lewis, Kathy Lee, and Dragon of iHeartRadio’s 103.5 The Fox radio show continue their interview with Aaron regarding his thoughts on higher education and the extreme costs of going to college. 

President, Wellesley College - Paula Johnson

President, Brown University - Christina Paxson

President, University of Chicago - Robert Zimmer

Colorado University Presidents & Chancellors

Shirley Tilghman, Princeton University

John Hennessy, Stanford Univerity

Aaron Harber would make an outstanding University of Colorado Regent. Unlike any other candidate, he has experience with higher education governing boards, a sound interest in positive outcomes for students, expertise in deciphering large budgets to create better uses of resources, and a commitment to our community which spans five decades. Aaron would be an exceptional addition to CU’s governing Board of Regents. ”

Cindy Carlisle, CU Regent Emerita; Council Member, City of Boulder

Experienced, effective, and independent leadership to help CU students & their families!

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