What Sets Aaron Apart From Other Candidates?

  • Aaron is the only candidate who is not a University of Colorado employee and who has no financial conflicts of interest. 
  • Aaron is the only candidate with previous experience serving on the governing board of a major university (Princeton). 
  • Aaron has been recognized for his long-standing community support of women, people of color, and people with disabilities. Most recently he was the honored recipient of the “Americans for Disabilities Act Award” from the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition.
  • Aaron has the expertise to take on Betsy DeVos & Trump to secure more student financial aid and greater debt forgiveness.
  • Aaron has enjoyed a 50-year relationship with CU that includes more than 30 years of fundraising for the university.
  • He is the proud single parent of a daughter who is currently a CU student.
  • He has a proven track record of fighting for greater transparency in government and winning!
  • Aaron has been the executive producer and talk-show host for more than 25 years for “The Aaron Harber Show” – a non-partisan public affairs program.

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