Aaron on the Issues

It would be reasonable if all stakeholders were represented on the CU Board of Regents but having only tenured Faculty represented is unfair to all the other stakeholders. The best boards seek independent, outside directors.  I’m the only candidate who fits that profile.

Both my opponents are employees of the University and depend on the largess of others there for their salaries and benefits. They are influenced by their peers and colleagues as well as friends and family members who have expectations of them financially and in terms of what the University does.  This is a stark conflict of interest where a tenured Faulty member’s personal financial interests conflict directly with those of other stakeholders such as students, non-tenured faculty, adjunct faculty, researchers, medical staff, parents, grandparents, taxpayers, et cetera.

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To meet CU’s growing challenges and its need for bold, experienced leadership, I am running for the position of University of Colorado governing Board of Regents 2nd Congressional District.  I will be a strong and independent voice for the University community and the needs of our State. I would be honored to serve all the citizens of Colorado should the voters select me. Read More



As the only candidate with experience regulating debt-related issues, when I served as the first public member ever to be elected Chairman of the Attorney General’s Collection Agency Board in the Colorado Department of Law, I successfully fought to expand the rights of citizens with debts.  If elected, I will use my expertise to help undergraduate and graduate students and graduates today. Using my knowledge, experience, and expertise, I have developed a multi-prong solution. Learn More.

 No one can deny that the loss of credibility which occurred to the Board of Regents was due to how it conducted its presidential search and the fact that they tried to hide it from the public. The result of the Board’s lack of transparency was a statewide black eye.  The Board should  begin immediately to change its course from one of avoiding transparency to one of setting a high standard for it and being the State’s leader in ensuring Coloradans are fully informed.  Here are some immediate actions the Board can take. Read More

For many years, I have been a very strong proponent of athletics at the University of Colorado.  Athletics — including opportunities for competitive and recreational activities — are key elements of the University’s ability to build a healthy community across a wide range of groups and demographics. Read More.

CU needs to expand its outreach efforts so it has a truly significant presence in every Colorado secondary school (i.e., middle and high schools).  International students bring a wide range of diversity benefits to the school and positively impact all students in a world where progress and competition are both global in nature. Read More.

CU administrators are charged with making certain thousands of daily functions occur and that every department meets the expectations of the University and seemingly innumerable regulatory entities — all while keeping the primary mission of the academy at the forefront… still has room to improve its administrative efficiency. Read More.

How do the candidates for CU Regent measure up? Who has experience serving on the governing board of a major university? Who has a  financial conflict of interest because he/she is an employee of CU? Who wants to ELIMINATE football & defund CU Athletics?  What other significant differences are there between the candidates? Learn More. 

I have been deeply involved with CU over the last 50 years. I feel so strongly about this great institution and the potential it has to do far more for students, faculty, and staff, as well as for members of communities across the entire State of Colorado. Read More.

To reach the heights of academic scholarship, CU must aggressively seek talent from around the world.  It also needs to reinforce hiring criteria to place a greater emphasis on the teaching ability of new hires.  CU’s Strategic, Targeted, Accelerated Recruitment program should be expanded significantly so the University can be more competitive. Read More

Aaron is the only candidate for CU Regent with an environmental record which  illustrates his long-term commitment to the planet as a hard-charging environmentalist. Aaron not only is concerned about the lack of sustainability in our communities, but in 1998  developed the initial concept for what still would be the nation’s first large-scale, truly sustainable community. Learn more!

As Ralphie V was being retired after the 2019 football season, PETA called upon CU to retire Ralphie – permanently! While there are a number of much bigger, pressing issues facing all four of our campuses and the Regents, I feel it is so important for school unity and pride to continue the Ralphie tradition that I have launched a separate website dedicated to the uniquely Western bovine who epitomizes the spirit of Colorado and the Western United States. Learn More! 

As a former member of Princeton University’s governing Board of Trustees and as an alumnus of both Princeton and Harvard University, I have seen what the nation’s top educational institutions can achieve and how they did it.  I am convinced the University of Colorado can be an even greater institution than it is today, especially if it is led by the right person. Read More

Support experienced, effective, and independent leadership to help CU students and their families!