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CU Regent Campaign Ads

Having a Child at CU and Accessibility 15 seconds

Compare the Candidates 30 seconds

Editorial Articles

From The Gazette Editorial Board
EDITORIAL: Self-serving candidates campaign to govern CU


Excerpt: “Rennison is a faculty member… Gross works as a faculty member… CU employees should not serve on the board that governs them. It is the essence of a conflict of interest.”

On the other hand, Aaron “Harber is independent of the university, yet no one has to question his commitment to higher education. A graduate of Princeton and Harvard, Harber served for years on the governing board of Princeton. Unlike the CU employees seeking election, he has experience supervising and managing the finances of a major university. The other two have none.”

For the complete article, please go to AaronHarber.com/COI

Endorsement Video by Colorado Black Women for Political Action

In my candidacy for CU Regent, the support from leaders like Tamra DeBrady, the President of Colorado Black Women for Political Action, is especially meaningful as finally American people of all colors come together to fight against injustice. It’s an honor to be recognized as an advocate for the Black Community across CU and beyond.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important that we support champions like Aaron who understand our community and will fight for accessibility.” — Tamra DeBrady, President, Colorado Black Women for Political Action
Video Credit: Kevin Cox 

Harber Discloses Names of Prominent Campaign Donors in Bid for CU Regent CD2

May 6, 2020

Lafayette, CO — University of Colorado Regent candidate Aaron Harber released the names of some of his donors through the date of his campaign’s disclosure reporting on May 5th.

EXCERPT: “I am humbled by the political diversity of the people — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents — who are financially supporting my campaign,” Harber stated. “It indicates how they feel CU and all Higher Education institutions in Colorado need experienced leadership during such a perilous time.”

He explained, “The COVID-19 pandemic severely threatens the very existence of our colleges and universities. It has created the greatest menace our schools ever have confronted.”

“As the only candidate in Colorado with experience having served on the governing board of a major university, I can provide the expert, informed, and bold leadership CU and Colorado Higher Education institutions immediately need in such an onerous time,” he concluded.” 

Read the full article at AaronHarber.com/Donors

The Outrageous Murder of George Floyd

May 29, 2020

The outrageous murder of George Floyd not only once again frames the reality of racism in America but, sadly, also illustrates how rogue law enforcement officers defile the sanctity of the Law and undermine the hard work done by 99% of our hardworking law enforcement officials. The perpetrators should be fully prosecuted for the crimes they committed.

As someone, first as a child, who marched for Civil Rights with Dr. Martin Luther King and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, I know we should be outraged by how little progress we have made in the past 50 years. Conscious and subconscious racial bias have to be addressed immediately in our nation, with a special emphasis on those who carry deadly weapons on our behalf as public servants sworn to protect communities.

How Our Brains Create Unconscious Bias

To understand this national challenge even more, watch my programs with the extraordinarily insightful Stanford Professor Jennifer Eberhardt, author of “Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes What We See Think and Do.” Every law enforcement officer, judge, and district attorney should be required to read her book. 

The following is a clip from The Aaron Harber Show™  featuring Professor Eberhardt discussing how we create and hold on to bias. 

HarberTV.com/Eberhardt     HarberTV.com

Stop the Madness! Transparency at the University of Colorado

March 27, 2020

In an extraordinary decision which can only be described as a public flailing, the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado — the governing board of directors for the entire system — constituted by 75,000 students and 37,000 employees at CU Boulder, UC Denver, UC Colorado Springs, and the Anschutz Campus — just overwhelmingly lost a Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”) lawsuit in which the Daily Camera newspaper sought to force the University to disclose the six candidates who actually were finalists in last year’s search for a new system-wide President.

The Board’s Democratic and Republican members had unanimously advanced only one candidate — Mark Kennedy — and described him as a “finalist” despite others who were otherwise described as finalists.

The loss of the Open Records case clearly was not a marginal or even close decision by Denver District Court Judge Bruce Jones.  Any objective reading of the Judge’s straightforward opinion forces one to come to the following conclusions.

  1. The Judge concluded CU attempted to use “linguistic gymnastics” to make its case. The Judge wrote, “The Board of Regents’ interpretation of both CORA and COML  [the Colorado Open Meetings Law] is at odds with the plain and ordinary meaning of these terms. In asserting that the finalist is the person the Board decides to disclose to the public… the Board has inverted the meaning of the statutes.”

He goes on to say, “…the term “finalist” means an applicant “who is a member of the final group of applicants or candidates.”  And everyone did not dispute there actually was a final group of candidates yet the Board ignored this and pretended one person could be defined as a “group. READ MORE.


Harber: Transparency at the University of Colorado

March 22, 2020

In an extraordinary decision which can only be described as a public flailing, the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado – the governing board for the entire CU system – overwhelmingly lost a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) lawsuit in which the Daily Camera newspaper sought to force the university to disclose the six candidates who actually were finalists in last year’s search for a new system-wide president.

The board’s Democratic and Republican members had unanimously advanced only one candidate as a “finalist” – Mark Kennedy. READ MORE.

Daily Camera 100


OPINION by Aaron Harber: Criteria for Next CU President

January 18, 2019

As a former member of Princeton University’s governing Board of Trustees and as an alumnus of Harvard and Princeton, I have seen what the nation’s top educational institutions can achieve and how they do it. These experiences have convinced me the University of Colorado — an already impressive national university — can be even greater than it is today, if it is led by the right person. READ MORE.

head shot of Aaron Harber

Criteria for the University of Colorado's Next President and the Future of CU.

January 18, 2018

With the selection of Mark Kennedy  as the new President of the University of Colorado, it’s an ideal time to take stock of where CU and Higher Education are in Colorado. Kennedy, at the request of the governing Board of Regents, already has begun the process of developing a strategic plan for CU. READ MORE

Harber: The People's Fight for Open Government

December 4, 2019

A major battle plays out daily in Colorado as some of our elected and appointed officials – all of whom took a solemn oath to serve all Coloradans – do everything possible to frustrate disclosing information belonging to the people. These fights involve access to records concerning public policies created with taxpayer dollars.

As someone who has fought on multiple fronts for public access to records and deliberations, I continue to be astonished that so many government employees make it difficult for journalists to do their jobs or for regular citizens to simply find out what is happening in their own communities.

While many officials tout their belief in “transparency,” their actions often belie their words. They hide and obfuscate – making decisions privately rather than publicly and making records difficult to obtain by delaying access, charging ludicrous amounts for copies, overly redacting information, and, in many cases, not providing the information at all. READ MORE.

Radio Interviews

Interview Part Two

Rick Lewis, Kathy Lee, and Dragon of iHeartRadio’s 103.5 The Fox radio show continue their interview with Aaron regarding his thoughts on higher education and the extreme costs of going to college.

Television Interviews

Interviews with University and College Presidents from The Aaron Harber Show™

President, Wellesley College - Paula Johnson

President, Brown University - Christina Paxson

President, University of Chicago - Robert Zimmer

Colorado University Presidents & Chancellors

President, Princeton University - Shirley Tilghman

President, Stanford University - John Hennessy