A Personal Message From Aaron

To help meet the immediate needs of tens of thousands of students and parents, I am running for the University of Colorado governing Board of Regents 2nd Congressional District position due to CU’s growing challenges and its need for bold leadership. 

I would greatly appreciate your support and help as I seek this volunteer position. 

I have very deep roots in the District and have been a very active member of the 2nd C.D. in myriad respects for decades.

With the costs of Higher Education often beyond the reach of many Coloradans and student debt skyrocketing beyond reason, it is time for us to make a thorough analysis, with independent auditors, to see how CU can be more efficient, reduce costs, and find new, stable sources of additional revenue so we can do a better job of more inclusively serving everyone in our great State.

If we are successful in reducing costs, this could be a model for other institutions of Higher Education throughout Colorado and across the nation.

And finding new sources of revenue dedicated to undergraduate and graduate student needs will make our University much more accessible to thousands of students and their families.

Thanks to my daughter currently attending CU Boulder, I have gained additional “on the ground” insight and yet another invaluable perspective — that of a parent who pays the bills!

I believe the University could do a much better job “making the case” for Higher Education to the public by leading a consortium of university and college leaders, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and related parties in an effort to inform Coloradans of the true value of their home state institutions, including our Community Colleges.

My expertise in the Media and Public Speaking along with the numerous leadership positions I have held in many local, state, national, and international organizations as well as the relationships I have developed, will allow me to make a wide range of contributions to CU’s need for bold leadership.

CU faces a number of tough challenges on its four campuses, including the Anschutz Medical Campus, and seriously needs new leadership to address them.

In 2018, I detailed a number of specific observations about the University — including the need for greater transparency, better value for degrees, freezing tuition, and increased access for the disadvantaged — and also offered possible solutions.

I articulated the need to support the Faculty and increase, rather than decrease, full-time tenure track opportunities as well as how we need to do a much better job supporting graduate students and their families by eliminating exasperating fees and providing better housing.

A Strategic Plan is being developed by the new CU President, Mark Kennedy, and I want to carry all of our voices forward from every corner of the State of Colorado to be an active part of the refinement and implementation process.  I will be a strong and independent voice for the University community and the needs of our State.

I bring a strong background of experience, expertise, and understanding of what is needed to achieve the highest levels of academic and institutional excellence. I have been involved with Higher Education for several decades, including as a member of the governing Board of Trustees of Princeton University as well as an active alumnus of both that institution and Harvard University, where I received my graduate degree.

Prior to being a Trustee, I served on the budget-setting Priorities Committee and was extensively involved in University governance.  I sat on numerous committees — from Student Life to Resources (i.e., fundraising) — and also was on the Department of Civil & Geological Engineering’s external Advisory Committee.  This will allow me to “hit the ground running” on the CU Board of Regents.

My current work in the media my television program The Aaron Harber Show is a nonpartisan, fact-based effort bringing critically important information to all Coloradans. 

I believe my proven ability to bring disparate parties together to engage in civil and mutually-respectful discussion is exactly what the University and the Board of Regents need today, especially given the high-profile of its dysfunction in recent years.

As someone who learned how to do computer programming at CU as a Junior in High School at Fairview and who remembers his graduation at Macky Auditorium as Fairview’s valedictory speaker and who has been a resident of Colorado and the 2nd C.D. my entire adult life, I have a deep appreciation for the University and the 2nd Congressional District.

Based on my years of involvement — including fundraising for CU, serving many nonprofit groups, and working on numerous campaigns — I have demonstrated how much I care about our community.

The process of recognizing the seriousness of our challenges is the first step in creating a better University.  I am confident the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of CU, along with many citizens of Colorado, have great ideas on how we can improve higher education in our state. I am excited to reach out and listen to you and others who want to share thoughts about how to improve CU and Higher Education in Colorado.

I know, together, we can move the University and our State to an even better, stronger, and more accessible place.

I would be honored to serve all the citizens of Colorado should the voters select me.  I hope you will give me your support and will join my campaign. 

Please do feel free send me your thoughts.  And thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours, 


Support experienced, effective, and independent leadership to help CU students and their families!